Victory Baptist Church

In 2006 Victory Baptist applied for its first permit through Maricopa County. 11 long years later, that is becoming a reality.  While it might be nice for us to say that it was easy, or that we never had doubts, the truth is that the process was hard.  But - waiting upon the Lord has given us more than we could ever imagine!  Now, we have been granted access to the building,  with a God-sized vision and hope!  We are building on ground that God has given us (debt-free), we have installed a 10,000 square foot building that God has given us (debt-free).  Waiting all this time has been difficult - but as rewarding as we can possibly express!  As of April, 2017 we have moved into the building.  Please come back to see what the LORD has done.  In the meantime though - don't forget - the church is the people, the building is not the goal, it is a tool for us to build the church and love our neighbors.  Join us this Sunday to worship our faithful and loving God!